Key SChool
Middle School

School Hours:

Monday thru Thursday
7:45am - 3:30pm

8:00am - 11:00am

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Class schedule for our middle school students.

Friday School

Friday school is assigned when a student has been absent and/or is behind on classwork.

Policy & Procedure

Key School guidelines for parents and students.

Mills School Uniforms

Exclusive uniform supplier for our mandatory dress code.

Parent Group

We are happy to share volunteer opportunities that Key School offers and how our community can help us meet those needs.


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About Friday School

Friday school is from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. with the same uniform and class rules as regular school. 

Middle School classes will be held on Friday for students who have been absent or dismissed early on Monday – Thursday as assigned by an administrator. The classroom material or homework to be completed will be identified by teachers with help from the student. Middle and High school students must make-up all time missed in order to fulfill state and accreditation requirements for classroom hours.

Meet Chad Meeks, Key School Assistant Director and
Head of Student Advocacy

Chad Meeks began his educational career at Key School in 1998.  While working at Key School as a classroom assistant, Mr. Meeks earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Texas Educator Certificate in Mathematics for grades 8-12.

With the belief that every child can learn, but in different ways and at different rates, Mr. Meeks spent the next several years teaching and inspiring students in the classroom.  In addition to his duties as a classroom teacher, Mr. Meeks was promoted to the position of Student Advocate.  As a Student Advocate, he strives daily to create a positive atmosphere for Key School students. He believes that frequent and open communication among staff, students, and parents is the key to success. 

Mr. Meeks earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Key School and the Head of Student Advocacy.  He leads under the belief that all students can learn with a positive learning environment, devoted teachers, strong leadership, and a supportive family.  

He resides in Burleson with his wife Brittney and two boys, Cayden and Daxton.

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