Meet The Director

About Key School Director, Leslie Vasquez, M.Ed.

Leslie Vasquez, Director of Key School, has shared her passion for education with both faculty and students for over fifteen years. She has gained her wisdom from teaching in the public and private arenas, not only in the elementary schools, but also in the middle schools. She earned a Bachelor of Art in Education from Columbia College and her Master of Education Administration from Lamar University.

Mrs. Vasquez’s experience the past two years as Key School Assistant Director, has given her the critical insight needed to effectively lead as the Director of Key School as she supports students, families, and teachers. With strong determination, Mrs. Vasquez believes that all children are capable of success, if equipped with the necessary tools and skills that address the student’s individual learning profile.

Leslie resides in Saginaw with her husband of 19 years and two children Tyler and Ryan.

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