School Design with a Purpose

About the new Key School building coming 2020

Key School will be designed with a purpose-built environment and a multisensory approach to learning. Student brains overloaded with stimuli that is not conducive to learning provides additional challenges that prevent educational success. The learning needs of the student will be the driving force behind every decision made in the design and building process of Key School.

  • Flex-spaced classrooms designed for both cooperative learning and small group instruction
  • Flex seating to allow for movement during instruction
  • Indirect and soft overhead lighting with light controls to adjust the intensity of light 
  • Clerestory Windows (windows above eye level) for natural light, and to reduce outside distractions
  • Warm, calming color palette
  • Classrooms equipped with individual technology outlet drops, for access to assisted technology learning
  • Classrooms acoustically sound to avoid distractions
  • Academic Language Therapy classrooms equipped with student learning observation windows and one way mirrors
  • Sensory controlled calming areas to promote positive social and emotional health
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Student recreation area
  • Open locker spaces for enhanced organization
  • Wooded trails to create a relaxing environment
  • Entryway with a fireplace to create a home environment
  • Enlarged storage spaces for Orton-Gillingham reading materials

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