Free Resources

to support Distance Learning for Students with Learning Differences is dedicated to supporting those who think and learn differently.

The website allows users to log in as a family member/parent and access specific resources designed to meet their needs. Resources include blogs from experts in different areas, printables, and community resource links.

Comprehension Keys For Student Success

Having tools and strategies for improving comprehension skills is important for students with learning differences in order to decrease frustrations that they may feel when presented with challenging text, unfamiliar vocabulary, or complex text structures. Download a Comprehension Keys Free Printable to help your student gain a better understanding of what they are reading.


Google Suite includes text-to-speech/speech-to-text tools, collaboration features, and more. The G Suite products such as Keep, Tasks, and Google Calendar help students develop Executive Function skills needed for academic success. Chrome extensions (found in the Chrome Web Store) are also available to support students online.

Learning Scavenger Hunt

Learning from home presents unique challenges but creating your at-home learning space can be fun! Enjoy this scavenger hunt with your child to prepare for the first day of school.

iXL Learning

iXL activities are selected by grade level or specific skill, which allows for targeted learning. Important for students with learning differences, iXL provides immediate feedback and guidance on how to correct answers. There are a select number of lessons in each content area available for free without a subscription.

CharacterStrong App

CharacterStrong’s App is designed to provide you with daily practices to exercise your character. The app includes: Daily Challenges to practice Kindness, Honesty and Humility; Workouts for Self-Care; Ways to Earn Badges by completing challenges, writing stories, and maintaining streaks; and Journal It - an avenue to write and/or share stories to keep track of the daily goodness you are sharing.


Centervention was created to support Social-Emotional Learning at home. This website features numerous activities and strategies to practice important social-emotional concepts. These resources include lessons, activities, printables in the following areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation.

Move This World

Move This World has an extensive list of resources, lessons, and activities to support Social-Emotional Learning at home. The resources are currently free in support of the COVID-19 challenges facing families and schools. The free resources provided here help students to prioritize their social and emotional needs and to navigate the many feelings that they may be experiencing.

Students enrolled at Key School are provided FULL access and subscriptions to the above resources. Learn more about the Key School education for students in grades K-12 with learning differences: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, and executive functioning deficits. Key School integrated curricula are modified and enriched to accommodate each student’s learning styles and turn struggles into smiles. Schedule an in-person or virtual tour today!


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