Key Navigation and Training Institute
(KNT Institute)

KNT Institute Mission

The Key Navigation & Training Institute empowers families, students and educators, across the community, by providing professional development, resources, and strategies to support individuals with learning differences.


For Parents

The Key Navigation & Training Institute offers individual consultations, workshops, and additional resources to help families understand the options and services available for their child.

For Educators

The Key Navigation & Training Institute provides continuing professional development for teachers, diagnosticians, administrators, other educators in the areas of accommodations, modifications, executive functions, Special Education/504 law, etc.


The Key Navigation and Training Institute offers individual comprehensive academic assessment for children in the Fort Worth area. The educational diagnostician will assess the child, develop an Assessment Summary Report including recommended modifications/accommodations, and meet with parents to share and interpret results.

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to Support Distance Learning for Students with Learning Differences as Featured on NBC DFW